What People are saying...


Gayety Theatre , Collingwood, Ont

"You guys suspend the imagination..closed my eyes and thought I was hearing the real thing!! Extremely talented musicians. ..Thanks for playing Teacher I need you! Brought me back to my childhood."

Sandra Brown Gregory

"Your performance with the band was totally awesome last night .We go to other shows at Gayety Theatre but yours is our favourite of all. Please plan on coming back a third time in 2020."

Joyce Johnston

"Great Show!!"

Anne L. Hardy

"Amazing performance last night in Collingwood at the Gayety! . Thank you!"

Kathleen Ruttan Daigle

"Superb show in Collingwood"

John McFarlane

"Amazing time last night in Collingwood. Throat is sore from singing along. Great band."

Patricia Green


Del Lago Resort and Casino NY - North America's 2019 Showroom of the year

"Amazing show.. these guys are good."

Steve Tinney

"Great show, loved every minute of it! 4th row on floor dead center. Come back, we will come again♥️"

Karol Anderson Corwin

"Awesome concert tonight at Del Lago. You guys are amazing!"

Donna Frost 

"I'm a new fan forever after seeing you at The Vine @del Lago Friday night!! My friends & I had a great time! Thank you, love you & please come back soon.💕🎼🎹... Great show at del Lago! You & the band are so awesome, we had a great time! We'll be there for sure whenever you come back.💕🎶🎤🎹🎼🎷🎸🥁🎻😎"

Merri Burnett

"Saw you guys at Del Lago tonight and wanted to thank you for the awesome concert! Can't believe we got a 4 piece orchestra too! Amazing talent by all. Happy Holidays. :)"

Debby Herendeen

"You were fantastic! Your appreciation for your fans makes you not only wonderful, but makes you humble. Looking forward to seeing you and your band again!🎺🥁🎻🔥"

Jeanne Sokolowski

"We are your newest fans! Looking forward to your next show at DeLago. Really enjoyed the show."

Debbie Pero

"Great show tonight!"

Lynn Travers Zehr

"Thanks again for the great time and bring the music to Del Lago!!"

Benjamin Thurston

 "The sound and view were both great from row 5 on the floor. 

Fantastic night. Thanks to the entire band!"

Derek Wittman

"Great show!! First time seeing you!! Lots of fun!! Will definitely come again!! 🎤🎶💞"

Martha Anderson

"This is the second time I have seen your show. First time was at awkasane casino. That show was great but this show was even better. Thanks for the great time"

Deborah Liedka Pichette

"Fantastic concert at Del Lago Casino"

Kathy Root

"What a great concert at Del Lago with The Elton Rohn Band...thank you for a night of great music..you ALL are the best and cant wait for you to come back again to Del Lago. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas..until we meet again.Hurry back, had such a great time because of you and your band members. Happy Holidays to all"

Denise Verzillo Capozzi

"Great show! Hope you come back soon!"

Lorrie Barney Mosblack

"Great show. Had fun."

Kellie Mc Mc

"12/6/2019   Outstanding!!!!"

Cathy White Magnanti 

"Enjoyed your show at Del Lago last night! Great time out with friends and wonderful music ! Hope to see you all there again ."

Robert McGarvey

"You guys rock... absolutely incredible band. Please come back to buffalo!!!"

Ryan Getner

"It was a great show!!. Can't wait until the next time!!

Darla White

"We looved the concert last night!!!!"

Kristen Merz

"Great show. We really enjoyed"

Marie Rozycki Sullivan

"Thank you Elton Rohn for a great night out at Del Lago..."

Darla Shumway

"Good show at del Lago tonight!"

Brenda Travers Poehlman

"Great show tonight, gang. Thanks for stopping by del Lago and entertaining with all the classics!"

Derek Wittman

"Enjoyed all of you at Del Lago"

Sheila Bedford DeMetsenaere


The Tralf Music Hall, Buffalo , NY, USA

"Here at the Tralfamadore and I'm thrilled with this show. The music of my life done so well. So talented every one of the band. I'll be here next time and I will bring others to let them in on this magical show!!"

Donna M. Dosher

“Can’t wait for your guys to come back to Buffalo" 

Kelly A. Calmes , Buffalo

"Thanks for rockin Buffalo last night at the Tralf!!!!💜💜💜"

jill mack

"Fantastic show tonight at the Tralf the crowd just keeps getting bigger there!"

Halle Pass

"Fabulous show at the Tralf in Buffalo, NY last night. Thanks for the birthday "shout out" to my wife! The room was rockin!"

Larry Mietus

"Just caught your show last night in Buffalo at the Tralf. Great show. We really enjoyed it. Hoping we can catch you again sometime."

Diana Sampson

“What a fantastic show "

Jeff Cooke

"Rohn Rocks"

Parker James

"Great job tonight! Thanks for playing “Harmony”. What a terrific surprise with “High Flying Bird”. Ending with “Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” was epic! See you next time."

Paul Calmes

"Kimmy-Sue tested and APPROVED! Fantastic show! Thank YOU for keeping Elton John's legacy alive"

Kim Cich

“At Buffalo waiting for the best note by note perfect 70’s Elton John cover band to start. Here for our anniversary”   

Steve Farr


Akwesasne Casino and Brockville Performing Arts Centre, Hogansburg, NY, USA

“Saw you guys in Kanawahke last week. Travelled from Montreal.
Simply fabulous. I've never seen Elton John and i thought it couldnt be any better. The marriage proposal was wild
So much so that this inspired me to buy tickets to see the real deal in New York next April. Looking forward to seeing you the next time you come to La belle province.”

Henri Vasquez

"What a fantastic show you put on. My dream has been to see Elton John, but missed his final tour. I went and saw you the first time at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino in spring and it was amazing. Tonight’s show was bigger, it was a phenomenal performance. Since I prolly will never see Elton John perform, I want to thank you for performing. You are so amazing, it was like being at Elton John’s show. Keep up the great show, and I cannot wait to see for the third time. 

Thank you so much"

Michael Trombley

"Awesome performance tonight! Thank you for recognizing Gord Downey tonight😀"

Jodi Hitsman

"Great concert! We very much enjoyed the evening - thank you!"

Joan Throop Fortier

"You and the band put on an amazing show and to take pictures with your fans after shows how awesome you guys really are! Thanks for the Elton experience"

Cheryl Mackinlay

"Singing Along... Awesome night!!!!!

Glen Kilbourne

"Wonderful concert last night !!! Great job!!!"

Tammy Fitzsimmons

"So fun!"

Brenda Taraska

"Thanks for the memorable night"

Eugene Burke

"Thank you so much for the best night of my life😍"

Erica Burk

( marriage proposal)


Peterborough and Belleville, Ont, Canada

"Your show in Peterborough last night was 🎶fantastic🎶
You bring so much joy to so many people.  
Feel the love and draw from it 💖
Belleville will be in for a treat !!!

Deb Meggitt Garrett

"Had a great time at the Elton Rohn Show thanks to Suzy Q and her entire family for the amazing surprise gift of the concert for us."

Jeremy Davis 

"Enjoyed your concert in Peterborough on Oct 11 ... hope to see you at Musicfest"

Deanna LeMoire

"Had a great night enjoying the music from Elton Rohn and band"

Christine Eisbury

"Blessed to have been able to attend the Friday show in Peterborough. Great show, great musicians ! My wife and I really loved the show and moved to the front row for the second half of the evening. I am a fellow keyboard player and currently gigging with a local band Marshall Law. Thank you for a wonderful evening and keep up the great work !!!!!"

 Bernie and Theresa Kirck

"Had an awesome time in Belleville at the Elton Rohn concert"
Angela Spencer

"Great show in Belleville"

Marylou Craig Cockins

"Awesome show tonight! Thank you for a great evening and for supporting Diabetes"

Anela Altenpohl-Davy

"Thank you so much again for playing Kelvin's song . He was surprised as I did not tell him that I asked you to play it.. Love you guys It has been our 2nd time and can't wait to see you again.❤️"

Carolyn Buzzell Kitibo


Brantford Sanderson Centre , Ont, Canada- 2 shows

"Had an amazing time last night!! Thank you you guys are amazing!!"

Elly van der Made

A fantastic show in Brantford! Loved getting to sing along with you guys again!

Shannon Bailey Scheffel

"We had an awesome time last night! Truly amazing performance by Elton Rohn and the entire band! I'm positive night two will be as great as night one! You guys rock! ❤️"

Patricia Pant-Babcock

"Awesome show last night in Brantford!"

Kim Minogue Mann

"Great show, thanks for coming back to Brantford "

Keith Lavoie

" I had the best time tonight celebrating Brantford volunteer appreciation night. 700 people. What a fantastic way to celebrate with fantastic music that everyone enjoyed. You guys rock. "

Debb Consoli

"Great show this guy knocks it out of the park everytime.If you like Elton John at all see him he will blow you away. I was there and this (Candle in the Wind) brought me to tears last night.This guy is magic doing Elton John."

Bill Vandivier

"You guys rock where ever you go!! That's awesome!"

Randy Bishop

"Brantford loves you! The volunteer show was magical and we are so grateful that you performed. And the string section - WOW, it’s an addition to the show that is difficult to describe. Thank you for everything you did for us! "

Lori-Dawn Cavin


3 Shows in 3 Days North Bay Timmins Sudbury, Ont, Canada

"What a fantastic evening! AMAZING show by Elton Rohn- second time seeing them, but first time from the front row! Also made a new friend , the nice lady who sat next to me 😁  "

Debbie Comeford- Lalonde

"Just came home from your concert In North Bay and wanted to thank the group . The music was so entertaining  loved loved it. My husband and i go to many concerts and yours is one of the best we have been to.  Thanks again "
Christine Pelkey

"Absolutely the BEST show / performance I have had the pleasure of attending in many, many years ! Thanks to those responsible for bringing your band to Timmins ! I would definitely attend again !"

Pat Hughson

 FANTASTIC SHOW!!! Thank you for coming to Sudbury. Your Band is amazing!!

Jenny Lee Lenahan Lacroix

"You killed it in Sudbury tonight. The real deal. Saw Elton years ago at the Toronto Ex and he just recorded Candle in the wind. Thanks for a great concert."

Wendy Manner

Awesome show last night guys!!! You guys were fire 🔥🔥🔥

Sean Coleman


Anna Marie Gour

"This band was amazing. The musical arrangements were spot on  Loved it."

Joanne Montreuil Dubois

"You rocked Elton Rohn!. What an amazing concert! ❤️ !"

Kimberly Lapierre

"Thank you for the fantastic sow. You and your band area sooooo talented. Please come back ❤️

Shellie Joanne

 "I was at the north bay concert tonight  and just wanted to say you guys were unbelievable. To be honest, that was the best concert I have seen in a long time. My daughter got her picture taken with Ron in the main lobby after the show! Being diabetic myself, I really appreciate all the effort put forth in helping with this disease. 

Unbelievable show. Thats was awesome. Please come back to North Bay!"

Randy Bishop

"Loved you in Sudbury"

Patti Wagner

"Excellent show in Timmins, On! Loved every minute!"

Michele St-Amour King

"Just attended an Elton Rohn evening with his band. They performed an amazing tribute to Sir Elton John. Well worth it! Amazing musicians and lead singer!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"

Debbie Delguidice-Bozzer

"Fantastic concert.they had me believing it was the real Elton John.The band was great!!!"

Madeleine Marin

"Just came back from seeing Elton Rohn! What a show, I would highly suggest seeing them if you fan of Elton John and his songs.. Great show! "

Jean-Francois Leblanc

"Incredible performance!!! Thank you SO much"

Britany McNellie - Birnie

"Your concert tonight at the Capital Centre was amazing. You truly rocked the house"

Anna  Marie Gour 

"Thank you so much for a fantastic performance. Timmins Ontario loves you! "

Andre Lamonthe 

 "Fantastic show tonight.loved every minute of it. Looking forward to the next time you come back."

Pauline Beaudry

"It was awesome in North Bay 😊"

Monica Schneider

"You guys are amazing. Closest I will ever get to seeing Elton John. Truly amazing, my tickets were a birthday gift from my mother. She, 3 great friends and myself enjoyed every minute of your concert. You guys rock! "

Wanda Leduc

"You were amazing. "Best concert I ever went to  💞  ""

Suzanne Lamarche

"What an amazing concert. Hope you return to Timmins again!"

Kathy Loreto

" I was there. also it was awesome. ."

Donald Amoyotte

"Great concert tonight in North Bay - I had such a wonderful evening - thank you so much 😊 "

Vicky Peterson Milne

"What a fabulous show you and your band performed tonight in Sudbury. It was amazing and for a great cause for support children's wish foundation. Our 9 year old loved her first concert. Way to go guy's👍👍👍👍"

Francis Booboo Lapierre

"Great night in Timmins!

Kathy Loreto

"Really enjoyed the show"

Wendy Lee Gagne

"Thanks for the Amazing Show 💕💕"

Wendy Lee Gagne

"Amazing show! Hope to see you again next year!"

Lucy Patry

"Awesome concert"

Des Anthony 

"Another AMAZING performance guys! Hope to see you guys (and the lovely Jess) again next year. Thanks for playing my fav song- Tiny Dancer 😊 "

Debbie Comerford-Lalonde

"We enjoyed the show soooooo much"

Irene Robinson

"Thank you for the amazing show last night in North Bay. William loves music and you had us ALL moving and singing in our seats. So look forward to your next visit. If we drove we would meet you in Sudbury  but alas we shall wait 😉. Amazing musicians, amazing entertainers and what a great bunch of guys and of course the beautiful “Kiki”. Thank you again!!"

Donna Guillementte

"Fantastic show as always. You had the house rocking."

Krissy Bourdon

"Fabulous! Thanks for coming so Suds!"

Fiona McCluskey

"Thankful for the awesome performance by you and the Band!!"

Susan Van Der Rassel

"Went to the show tonight in Timmins. It was a fantastic show"

Sandra Campbell

"Fantastic show!! Loved It!. Great Evening in Sudbury"

Irene Cirelli Costantini

Hey guys!  We caught your show last night in North Bay...it was amazing!!!  Always know it is a good show...when the audience is singing and screaming and having a great time.  You boyz delivered.  Good luck on your next shows up north.

Catherine Thomson-Bull 

"Great Evening!!"

Kels Mack

"Fantastic shows"

Sandra Valade

"Had a blast in Sudbury"

Sabrina Abigail

"Awesome show tonight !!! Thank you."

Debbie LaPlante

"You guys are amazing..."

Jocelyn Doskas

"It was amazing 👍 Such talent "

Nicole Krmpotic

"Really enjoyed the show"

Wendy Lee

"Best concert ever..."

Catherine Caput

"Great show!!"

Lynn Chevrier Pearce

"Awesome show, thank you for a great performance. Just left your show in Timmins and had a great time."

Diane VanKoughnett

"Great Show!!"

Kaity Rowe

"Great amazing show.. thank you"

Chris Pelkey

"Visiting from Wisconsin & Loving the concert in North Bay!"

Katie Beaucage

"We saw him in Sudbury and his concert was very good"

Deniese Lachance

"It was excellent in Sudbury "

Debbie Libby

."..you guys put on an amazing show! Can't wait to see you next time you are back in Sudbury"

Kayla Cloutier

"Wonderful show! My mom and I really enjoyed the night out, thank you."

Tina Matheson


Lodi Grape Festival, Lodi California, USA

"Amazing entertainment! Our group had a great time at the Lodi, CA Grape Festival!!

Kari Mall Chadwick

"Great show your truly an inspiration to Elton John I was very happy. First rock show I've attended in 5 years. Your band is great to hope to see 

you guys again someday .

...I've seen lots of the great's, most of them are gone now.. guy is definitely worth seeing"

Daniel Tubbs

"It was an awsome concert 🎶🎵🎤 It was a pleasure talking with you all. Safe travels back to Canada ❤"

Gina Moccafiche

"It was a wonderful show!!!"

Carol Mettier

"I want you to know that I totally loved your show!!!! I had so much fun and I hope you come back to northern California soon! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"

Julie Lindsay

"Great show! Loved the saxophone especially! Keep it up!"

Joe Nieman

"Excellent show last night at the Lodi Grape Festival! You and your band, an excellent collection of professional musicians, transported our Lodi crowd back to the 70' and early 80's, almost as if we were listening to our Elton John 8-tracks and cassettes in our Ford Mustangs and Chevy Camaros! Loved every second of your performance!"

Tony Huerta

"Saw you guys last night at the Lodi Grape Festival, you guys rock!! . Great show last night! You have a new fan!!"

Dave Brown

"We loved your show! It was awesome!"

Kathy Ray

"Thank you very much for the great concert in Lodi this evening. You are all amazing!"

Rex Davis


Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, Pennyslvania, USA

"What a GREAT show we saw at Penn's Peak. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Can’t wait till you come back to Penns Peak"

Sarah Weiss

"Awesome show"

Jill Ann

"All I can say was “WOW”!!!! Great show"

Donna Peck

"Show was amazing!!! Hope to see him again at Penn's Peak."

Dorothy Locher

" Love love ❤️ the show."

Dolly Kuntz

"Amazing show, worth every penny . I hope you come back!"

Haley Janoski

"Great show! Would totally see them again!"

Jennifer Henning

"Saw you guys last night at Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, Pa. I am not much of a concert goer anymore but I was so glad to see your tribute show with my nephew - you were all fabulous! I was also impressed with how you shared your fathers relationship to all the artists on the wall at Penn's Peak. Hoping for continued success as you and the band play out the rest of the year!"

Joseph Miroddi

"Don't Let the Sun... My all time favourite song!!. Thanks for an awesome show!!!"

Saron Landis Hopstetter

"Girls night out with Elton Rohn!! It was a great show at Penn's Peak!!

Nancy Gelada Lupo

"Took my hubby to Penn's Peak for early 60 bday gift. We both had a BLAST. Can't wait to see you again."

Denise Anderson

"He was awesome"

Brenda Hascher

"Great show@Penn's Peak & thx 4 taking pix & signing the poster..."

Diane Marie Meeko-Picker Di

"Just saw you and your band at Penns Peak . You guys are absolutely awesome. thank you so much for a fantastic evening."

Agnes Comeau Brand

 "Awesome show!!"

Melissa Sube

"Had a great time with Elton Rohn and the band tonight at Penns Peak. Thank you so much for singing to Angela wo we all met tonight. Hope to see you again. "

Joelene Strohl-Adamcik

"My Wife and I saw you at Penn's Peak you where great. Just checking to see if you sell C.D.'s."

Edmund Makowe

"Great show last night at Penns Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA!"

Teri Webb Schrader

"They were F******* awesome! - feeling fantastic"

Ann Marie Kringer

"Awesome concert. Electric!!!

Ericka DeLong

" This was my daughter's first live show. She absolutely loves Elton John and now she absolutely loves Elton Rohn LOL we had a blast and she particularly liked when Elton Rohn acknowledged her in the crowd and she and I got up and dance to one of her favorite songs The Circle of Life. We will definitely go back again if they come"

Kimberly Spital Houtz

"Great Show!!!"

Kimberlee Cassell


Alabama Theatre, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

"What an unbelievable performance!. You have GOT to have Elton Rohn back again.... PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!

Carol Deakin

"Loved loved loved the show at the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach!!!

Can't wait til you come back!!!

Tina Jackley Miller

"Great concert!!!!! Hope you guys will be back to do another concert!!!"

Anita Burdette

"Just saw you guys at the Alabama Theartre in SC.  
Thanks for a Rockin Show! My daughter was visiting from NY and has see Elton a couple of times in NY. So I was hesitant at first. You did not disappoint!! Please come back!"

Louise Scaccio

"I was at the Alabama Theatre this evening. Absolutely Amazing! Thank you for such an awesome show...  You guys rocked the theater! Cant wait to you again!!!... Hope they come back to the theatre again!"

Sue Iacullo DAmbola

"If you're an Elton fan and this Show is coming to an area near you, it's a must see! Great time!"

Jonica Shultz Yauger

"One fabulous show at Alabama Theatre tonight. This is a must see show!

Great Performance!

Debbie Gruver Weddings

"I love, love, love this show! Really one of the best tribute shows I have seen. Elton Rohn and band do a tremendous job at paying the highest respect to Sir Elton John! Not only is the music fantastic, but they also bring insight into Elton's music. As well as, using fan and other artist's work captured on video, made the show even more spectacular. It is also so wonderful to have this group come to Myrtle Beach and utilizes local talent such as, the Long Bay Symphony. There is so much talent in Myrtle Beach, I'm glad it could be showcased. Elton Rohn even took the time after such a full show to meet with fans, you gotta love artist's that love their fans! Please have them back soon, I would love to bring more of my family to see them". 🎹💜💜💜🎼💜💜💜🎹

Mary Christine Pikul

" I enjoyed every minute of this fabulous Tribute show and didn't want it to end. Please come back again👍"

Barbara Lohman Tricozzi

"It was a great show tonight."

Karen Mcgeachie

"Great show at the Alabama Theatre, hope they ask him back"

John Jaskewich

"Thanks for the fabulous show tonight...

Thommi Arnold Hendricks

"Outstanding & videos added so much"🎹🎸

Sannie Barefoot

"I'm from Woodbridge, ON and was here visiting my sister . I am so happy she brought me to see your concert. I'll be looking for you back in Toronto."

Diana Kocar Scott

"Your show was absolutely amazing! I am so blessed that I was able to be there! Hope you come back again!"

Laurie Marinelli

"Absolutely one great performance.. great show... wonderful folks!

Thank you for an unforgettable night!!!"

Debbie Gruver Weddings

"Great show, fantastic music"

Jeanne Nelli

" I have to say it was a fantastic concert if you didn’t know any better you’d swear it was Elton fantastic. Thank you to mr Pittsburgh a hell of a drummer and all the band you could have been here for a week with great crowds. You have to come back! Please ! I see Elton in my hometown in November his final tour. Thank you for the picture Elton. Love all of you "😍💕💕🇺🇸🇺🇸

Suzie Hrabic

"GREAT concert. Come back soon"

Debbie Bosley Bolig

"Great performance at the Alabama theatre tonight, if you haven't seen Elton Rohn you must go, you won't regret it.

John Hrabic

"Yes a great show "🎼🎶🎸🎹🥁🎻"

Norma Madaras

"Great concert!"

Gail Stephens Gunter

"What a GREAT time"

Crystal  Jones

"So much fun!!"

Brittany Hofman

"What a great show!"

Linda Seltz Simmons

"Unbelievable show! Hoping you come back again."

Carol Giusti Deakin

"Great Show"

Karen Mcgeachie

“What a super-fantastic show! I have not had a break all summer, and tis was just what I needed. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again.”

Mary Christine Pikul

"Enjoyed a great tribute show last night with Elton Rohn at the Alabama Theatre"

Alan Shaw


Golden Nugget Casino , Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA :

“Amazing Show!! Incredible! What a performance. Thanks you all for putting on such an amazing show! So talented and kind! ”

Vicky Michot

“You were AMAZING”

Alexa Courtney 

“The best show ever Elton Rohn… thanks for a great night.. will be following your page. You guys are awesome”
Jeanne O”Sullivan

"Awesome work guys! Love your Music Xox"

Gina DiNoia

“Can’t wait to rock with you”
Laurie Leinheiser-Conradi

“Here at the Golden Nugget and loving you guys… ps I want a T-shirt! lol "
Bethann Cook

“Amazing show absolutely loved every second ..so talented. Can’t wait to see you again”
Mary Romano-Lanigan

"Loved your show last night at Golden Nugget AC N J. You guys are amazing.  Met some members of band in Casino all super nice guys!  Hope you come back to AC again soon.   Thanks again. When will you be in NJ again? Love your Show."
Patty and Ken Persichetti

“Best concert ever in AC and was Free -great job!! You guys ROCK!!!!! " Donna Bowell

"You were great. Had a great time. Band was tight So impressed. Hope to see you soon."

Mark Bond

“You guys were fantastic! We had a great time at the Golden Nugget show!!”

"Patricia Thompson Adamczyk


Laurie Dougan Koncyk

"Saw you guys at the Nugget last night! Was blown away! You guys sounded great! Played all the hits, you made a lot of new fans at the Jersey Shore last night! Can't wait to see you again! "

Mike Patterson

“I just left your concert at Golden Nugget… Excellent night ”

"Show was awesome Friday at the Golden Nugget. Thanks,"

Darryl Wagner

"We need you to come back to Atlantic City 🙏"

Mary Romano-Lanigan


Stage West , Calgary , Alberta , Canada - Two sold out shows, plus third show in Medicine Hat:

"Thank you so much for tonight! Had a fantastic time.  The talent in your band is spectacular"

Shelley Elsom Broom

 "Was an awesome show, if I never get the chance to see the real Elton John you are a great alternative, I look forward to your next stop in Calgary."

June Meahan

"We had an awesome time with you and the band! Looking forward to your next tour! Cheers!"

Briggitte Gingras

"Fantastic show in Calgary.  Really tight band, great vocals, great drummer, love the saxophone; but best of all was Elton himself.  So well executed.  Can’t wait to see you again."

Rondi Sommerfield Newman

"Awesome show tonight!!"

Lee Hodgins

We really enjoyed this show! Would recommend to any Elton fan! Thanks!

Cheryl Dietrich Tomanik

"Great show, love the music! I’m going to be seeing Elton at the T Mobile in Vegas in September. Good job on all the songs!"

Dianne Knorr

"Awesome show tonight in Calgary!!! Totally enjoyed it!!!!

Anne Rempfer

"Kudos to all of you for an excellent performance tonight at Stage West "

Haroldine St Pierre

"Good evening I was at your show last night and had a very wonderful time. I felt I got my money worth watching and listening to your music. I also commented to two of the band members about the good time I had. If you come back to Alberta I most certainly will come to your show. We drove about 3.5 hrs to the show yesterday afternoon but stayed over night in Calgary. Thanks again and please forward on to the Band as well."

Allan Perrault

"Just wonderful. can not say enough"

Allan Perreault

"Awesome job"

Sharon Elsom

"Had a great time with Elton and his band. They are awesome."

Diane Low

"We had an absolute blast tonight. I danced in the aisle at the end for the last encore songs."

Laura E Swan

"Great Show"

Meredith Debnam

"Awesome show in Calgary. Enjoyed every song. "

MaryAnne Allen

"Awesome job gents. .had a great time Texas Love song put up a version on your page"

Phil Hewitt

"Great Show"

Alison White

"Great Show"

Cindy Zirrie

"Seen the show last night over late but well worth it! Better than the movie Rocketman (Tons of tunes) ... Awesome show with six band members-not too many Tribute shows done this well!

Mark Schuler

"Saw Elton John...he is amazing!!!"

Donna Raimondo

"Awesome job"

Sharon Elsom


Chicago Rosemont, Illinois, USA

"You and your band were fantastic at Rockin in the park 🌹 mont! I posted alot of pictures on Facebook! Thank you for making me feel like I saw Elton John for the 3rd time! ☺️"

Jeanne Moffat Benkowsky

"I've never seen Rosemont that crowded. Good concert"

Beverly Nosek

"What a awesome concert yesterday in Rosemount you made our summer. We were so looking forward to your concert all summer"

Mark  Gowlovech

"SPECTACULAR SHOW in Chicago. I had a dozen friends at the show and we all absolutely loved it. Hoping that ELTON ROHN comes back to Rosemont again next year!!!"

Ron Davis

"I was at Rosemont and you were amazing! It was a packed house. Thank you!"

Sandra Ramirez

"Superb performance in Rosemont last night!"

Connie Sierra Tylka

"We had a group from Canada in Chicago performing all Elton John songs. These guys are really, really good.... PLEASE COME BACK TO CHICAGO! WE LOVE YOU!"

Paul A. Pomeroy

"Most fun we had in as long as we can remember.. John and lisa from chicago :) please come to the Arcada Theater in St. Charles IL."

John Weiss

"Seeing you tonight in Rosemont for the 1st time... amazing!!

Michael Keating

"We LOVE Elton Rohn "

Adrian Grossman 

"Great Music! Great Night!"

Heather Haskin

"A must see for Elton fans ... or any music fan for that matter" 

Bob Corcoran, Chicago 

“Had a great time at the show. Most fun we’ve had in as long as we can remember... please come to the Arcadia Theatre in St. Charles Il.” 

John and Lisa Weiss, Chicago

"Fantastic show at Rosemont Ill :) "

Debbie Caruso De Stafano

"Had a great time at your show tonight, you are spreading joy in this world and creating a whole new generation of fans for Elton's music! Thank you!!!"

Elaine Steadman Lesniak

"Great band, awesome night"

Jessica Jjon-Tansor

"You guys ROCKED!!!"

Laura Coggeshall

"Loving the super concert"

Dennis Musial

"We love you guys! What a great show!"

Jean Glücklich-Tito


Town Of Niagara, NY, USA - Pride in the Park Independence Day Celebrations

You guys are amazing

Debbie Buc

An incredible band that you MUST see! They completely killed it last night!

Ryan Gentner

You were terrific last nite in the town. Elton John - a must for next year

Connie Thaler

Had a fantastic time! Please come back next summer! These outdoor venues rock almost as well as you!!! ❤️

Linda Murray Thomas

Great show at the town of Niagara! I am now  fan! What a talented group

Pam Moran

Your show this past Saturday at Veterans Park in town of Niagara was FABULOUS!! My friends Adele and Joann and I(Sharon) are still talking about it!! I’m a big Elton John fan and you ROCKED IT!!!❤️👍🏻👍🏻

Sharon Harshman

Great show guys... as good as John himself

Gary No

Great sow last night @ Town of Niagara.. hopefully you will come back again!!!

Philip Cagggiano

Great concet. I was impressed.

Jim Salhany

Great show..!!!!

Please come back soon!!!

Philip Caggiano 

Great show at the Town of Niagara park. Hope to see you again!

Shirley Bundy

What a show you guys rock

Sam Archie

What a great piano player.

Marlene Lewis 

So impressed with last night's show! You have a new fan... we will absolutely be seeing more! Safe travels to your next shows!

Wendy Smith

Awesome show last night. Hope to see you guys again soon!

Dave Haseley

Awesome show last night

Karen Simmons

Saw you last night at Veteran's Park in Town of Niagara. You were phenomenal !!!! I really enjoyed your show!

Joann Larratta

Amazing show last night!!!!! U got yourself a new fan

Susan Loyd 

This was a great concert ...

Laurie Latham House

Amazing show last night!

Karen Simmons

Hi! Saw you last night in the town of Niagara. Absolutely fantastic performance! We came to see the Chicago tribute band scheduled right before you.. But you totally blew us away! We were sitting in a group way in the back and when you came on and started singing,  we couldn't believe it.  We walked up front to get a glimpse of who this guy was  and you even look like him and had the mannerisms down.  ... You have lots of new fans. Hoping you come back to the Western New York area soon!

Adele Rivett

Was a fantastic show!

Jackie Dabb-Albert

Thank you for the awesome show in Niagara Falls, NY.

Kamala Boeck

Great show... thank you!

Sheila Fitzpatrick

He was awesome

Linda Fontana

Tremendous Show last night! Great Band! Hope to see you again!

John Newton

Elton Rohn was awesome!!!

It was fantastic!! Saturday Saturday..... Saturday nights alright!!!

Laura Vitale Lasher

Awesome Show

Diane Brown

Amazing performance

Amanda Morehouse

Great show last night ~ you’re all the bestest!

Karen Lynn Bunker

He was amazing

Sarah Smith

He was great!

Linda Mcallistar

Awesome Show!!!

Sharon M. Harsman


Unionville Bandstand Concert Series, Unionville, Ontario, Canada

What a party Elton John....had a blast rockin the night with Unionville crowd

Toni Ventura

"Unionville was on fire that evening, standing room only !"

Rick Edwards

"Saw the show in Unionville and we were blown away. So entertaining and the whole family really enjoyed it. We did not want it to end! Hope to see you in Mississauga one day."

Nalina Prasad

“Just got back from watching your fantastic show at the Unionville Bandstand tonight and just wanted to thank you so much for coming to Unionville and giving us such an amazing concert.” 

Margaret Silver Blaney

"We had a great time!!!"

Jacqueline Lovely Perras

Amazing Show!!!! I can't wait to see you again!!!

Maria Cecilia Nunez-Rivas


Park Theatre, Holland, Michigan, USA

“You guys are SO amazing!!! Hope you’ll be back in Holland Mi very soon!!! ... Best Concert Ever!  

Jamie Cusack, Michigan

"You put on a fantastic show. Every member of the band is amazing. The musicianship is perfection and the chemistry between you is like an atom bomb, so charged with magic and energy. For those of us who will never see Elton John, you have taken the sting out of it. I was kidding with my friend that we could pretend you were the real EJ. We didn't need to. You took Park Theater captive from the first notes of Philadelphia Freedom and, at least for Andy and me, you still haven't let go. If I had to trim this down to one word, it would be a billboard sized WOW ! " 

“Definitely only second to the real Elton John” 

Heather Fridge Sanderson, Michigan

"Our second Elton Rohn concert, and it was as amazing as the first. We are already looking forward to our third in August. The band were incredible."

Jenny Gryczka

"“The best freakin’ concert. Thank you Elton Rohn for a fantastic night at the Park Theatre in Holland MI"

Barbara Widener

“Best show I have seen yet” ... "Best time i have ever had you guys rock come back to Holland any time"

Jeffery Jackson

“Excellent concert last night at the Park. You guys are tight.” 

Rick Rotttschafer

"Awesome Show"

Crig Zoerner

"I've been looking on your website to see when you will be playing in Michigan next. I'm looking very forward to seeing your group again. I still think your show at the Park Theater in Holland, Michigan in August was one of the very best . Tribute band or not, screw it, it was a damn fine show, one of the very best I have seen and I have seen many top rock acts in the last 40 years. Please don't bypass Holland/Grand Rapids in 2019."

Randy Taylor

"Great entertainer. Sounds just like the man himself"

Maryellen Jackson

"Love this band!"

Linda Brock

"Was blessed to see him twice at the Park Theatre!"

Wayne Therrian

"Awesome Show!!!!!"

John Morlan

"Awesome show here in Holland!"



Capitol Theatre, Port Hope, Ont, Canada

"This is definitely the best tribute show out there and I know the audience would back me up. A full house with people dancing in the aisles and singing to all of Elton's greatest hits. ... The sound the lights, the energy , the total performance was amazing."

Harold Boudreau 

"Saw your show in Port Hope on New Year’s Eve and once again your band was spot on. The best cover band my wife and I have ever seen."

Robert & Cheryl Bradbury, Burlington, Ont.

I am blown away by the profesionalism of this band.” 

“These guys are a MUST SEE - flawless Elton music, beautifully presented” 

Robert Zalchick

“My wife and I were at the show Saturday night and we had a fabulous evening. Thank you all. when we lived in the UK, we saw Elton live and had to travel 5 hours in the car each way. You are by far the best Elton Tribute artist we have ever seen. Thanks for a great evening and see you again soon we hope” 

David and Irene Workman

“I was lucky enough to catch Elton Rohn at the Capitol Theatre last night and was completely blown away! By far the best tribute act I have ever seen or heard, all live and genuine with no backing tracks. I actually came away feeling like I can scratch seeing Elton John live off my bucket list” 

Shaun Savoy

“That was the best show I have been at in a long time. "He was amazing - loved every minute of it. Of course the fact that you played my favourite “Levon” didn’t hurt either. I will be waiting for your return. Well done Elton!“ 

 Saw him last fall at the Capitol and again on Saturday night. Will see him again if he comes back."

Karen Wakely

“Your Song… Amazing.  Actual string quartet on stage” 

Dave Merazka 

"I saw your show yesterday at the Capital Theater in Port Hope. As a life long fan of Elton John, and having seen him live four times over the past thirty years, I have to say GOOD JOB. Your piano playing, vocals, the guitars, and the overall stage presence was amazing and top notch and professional and mostly, ENTERTAINING AS HECK. WOW WOW WOW. What a great night out!! The guy beside me had seen you in Peterborough and came all the way to Port Hope to see you again. I will be buying tickets whenever you play anywhere close. I am a fan from this day forward. Thanks again for a fantastic enjoyable New Year's Eve." 

Janet Griffin-Scott

“Travelled from Cobden to catch the show. Glad we did. “Elton” and the band put on a memorable performance. What talent”  

Gary Younghusband

"Best New Year Celebration Ever! ...danced our way into 2019 with Elton Rohn"

Marcia Gallagher

“Saw Elton Rohn at the Capitol Theatre.. absolutely brilliant.. would recommend this tribute show to everyone” 

Gayle Fowler