More shows and testimonials


Lexington Concert Series, Lexington Michigan

“Brooklyn Butler had an amazing time at the concert in Lexington Michigan. Thanks for the picture, it topped off the night for her” 

Jeff Butler, Michigan

"Had a great time last night!! Can't wait to attend another show"

Danielle Bridget Noll

“I walk away feeling like I was out in an Elton John concert. Elton Rohn is awesome” 

Stephen W. Page, Michigan

"Enjoyed your show on the shores of Lake Huron in Lexington Mi!!"

Ginny McNabb

"Thank u it was a great show.. love it."

Karen Reed Zielesch

"Excellent sow in Port Huron tonight. We had a blast!"

Charla Powell


Bemus Point, NY

"Elton Rohn is absolutely the best Elton John tribute in North America. With the audience standing and cheering after almost every song, he has the look, the voice and the piano chops to make you believe you are seeing the real Elton John! "

Dan Dalpra

Bemus Bay Pops Festival

“Elton Rohn is the best tribute on the planet. Period” 

Ruth Ann Scanzillo principal cello,  

Bemus Bay Pops Orchestra 

Erie Chamber Orchestra, Erie P.A. 


Kirkland Lake Auditorium

"Fantastic Show! Hope to see you back!"

Linda Lenart 

"Awesome show!!!"

Kimberly Roberge

"Fantastic Performance. Hope you come back"

Gail Davis

"Fantastic Show! Please come back!!"

Margaret McCrank

"The show was great and Elton Rohn"he bled for us" 

Diane MacKenzie

"Great performance.. next best to Elton himself! Thank you for coming to Kirkland Lake"

Judy Thompson

"Hello .We Kirkland Lake fans really enjoyed your show .You guys went beyond a great performances May 12, 2018.Hope to see you's come back in the future .Thank-you Elton Rohn and your great band members !"

Elsie Birch

"Fantastic show last night in Kirkland Lake.Thank you."

Sandra Taylor

"At your show in Kirkland Lake tonight! We wore our glasses for you and YOU bled for us!!! Great show! Thank you"

Heather Selbie Lamy

"Awesome show in Kirkland Lake!"

Mags Delta


Barrie Georgian Theatre

"Amazing show last night in Barrie. Thank you!"

Liane Austin

"Incredible show Saturday Nite at Georgian College. Fantastic musicians, I hope you return. I would certainly be there again."

Rick Taggart


Flato Markham Theatre, Toronto

"We had the privilege of experiencing your show at the Markham Theatre last night.  We were absolutely blown away with your level of professionalism and showmanship.  What an incredible performance! It was like listening to the man himself.  Fantastic energy, OUTSTANDING performance by each and every member of the band and beautiful vocals by Elton Rohn...true musicians! "

Gabrielle Bruno

"My girlfriend I and went to see Elton Rohn last night. I have to say as an Elton John super fan from back in the day this guy was truly unbelievable. Song after song blew my mind.  If in anyway you are an Elton John fan or just like his music go see Elton Rohn he will knock your socks off like he did me. Ron Thank You so much for bringing back all the EJ memories and I must tell you Ron that when you sang Daniel last night it brought me to tears."

Bill Vandivier

"Just wanted to say, such an awesome show in Markham the other night! Hats off to you and the band. A very talented group of musicians,  you are. First time ROHNer here. Looking forward to seeing you again."

Frank Bajc

"Such an amazing show, thanks!"

Rebecca Crawford

"Fantastic show! Very talented group of musicians and vocalists. Can't wait to see them again in July when they perform in Unionville"

Maria Chapman

"I thoroughly enjoyed your show last night in Markham. It was my first time seeing you & it will definitely not be my last! Keep up the great work"

Terri Pecchia

"Wonderful Show you guys"

Henry Lees

"Fabulous Show... had a wonderful time!!!

Sue Long 

"Saw the show tonight in Markham. FABULOUS!"

Susan Wilson

"Amazing concert tonight!!"

Aimee Gauthier

"YOU rocked!! Fabulous show"

Andrea Goldstein

"Thank you for a very entertainment night. What a talented group of musicians! The years slipped away and I was 15 again!"

Carolyn McDonald

"Great show last night in Markham!"

Joanne Ingrassia

"Awesome performance tonight!"

Jodi Miller

"Fantastic show !"

Gloria Lyon-Charette

"At the show right now and it is fantastic!

See you at the Unionville Bandstand in the summer."

Sanjay Ghai

"What an awesome sow you and your band put on! The electric violin blew us away! Can't wait to see you again"

Ruth Showman


McIntyre Theatre, Hamilton

"Fantastic show n Hamilton .. thanks guys"

Loretta Byrne 

"Fantastic show! Very Entertaining."

 Joe Ludiciani 

"Great show, and they played some deep cuts." Mark Shore  "I was there.. great show!" 

Swee Pea

"This guy is simply Great. Elton would be stunned"

"This guy knocked it out of the park again tonight..loved it. If you are a fan of Elton John in any way shape or form see this guy.. he will amaze you. This is the second time seeing him and it will not be the last. Ron, thank you so much for bringing it all back for me again”

Bill Vandivier

"Such a great night"

Kaitlyn Seymour Wilson

"Just wanted to say thank you! I was in the front row last night! Man what a show! I loved your shoes! Top notch talent! Thank you also for saying Happy Birthday to my friend Sharon! She was so thrilled! I will see your show again and again! Thanks from this girl in Hamilton, you are great!"

Judy Hynes

“Loved the show”

Danny Hind

”Fantastic show and looking forward to doing it all again soon!!!

Elisa Shore

"Great show in Hamilton Thursday night!!!

Bob Helwig

"Great show tonight"

Mark Shore

"Fabulous show and shoes!"

Tammie Gerono 

"Hi Elton Rohn I saw you in Hamilton,Ontario at McMaster your show was awesome"

Desormeaux S Kimbeley

"Screen show was mezmerizing and very neat."

Sandra ann Smale

"Thanks for a great show in Hamilton tonight, you had Mohawk college rockin!!. Enjoyed it very much!!"

Denise Barr


Peterborough Musicfest and Showplace Theatre

"Went to the Elton Rohn concert in Ontario last Birthday present since I turned 20. Had a wonderful time, it was full of energy and fun and I just have to say it...Elton Rohn sounds and acts more like Elton John then Elton John does. Yes that is a major compliment to Elton Rohn, you are a terrific performer and artist along with your band, they can really play!!!

Celeste Kirk

"You were fantastic in Peterborough last year at musicfest..was my first time there and we All loved the show..the music really took us back in time..come back soon. Wish you wee coming back to Peterborough Musicfest"

Terry Anne Tweedle

"Amazing concert!! . A must see!! . Hd everyone up, out of their seats!!

Alison Clark

"Awesome night!! Well played Elton Rohn.. we loved the show"

Debbie Smith

"Last night we saw Rohn for the 2nd time (first at MusicFest) Again, completely blown away!!! SoTight... Polished! Each member so respectful of each other, incredible harmonies and timing. You work HARD and it shows. A genuine re-visit to the Elton Era.... YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR PLACE, IN A PATH UNWINDING... "

Kathy Lowes


North Bay / Sudbury

"Outstanding show in North Bay tonight! Unbelievable!!"

Josh Taylor

"We just left your concert here in Sudbury amd just want to say how much we enjoyed it, we had so much fun,my all time fave song will always be candle in the wind and circle of life thank you for bringing such joy to the city tonight for such a wonderful cause,hope to see you again travels and keep doing what your doing... thank you again xo"

Deborah Blair 

"Amazing show tonight in Sudbury!! Hope u come back soon"

Desiree Larosa

“What an amazing show this evening. So much fun! You play with such energy. Can’t wait to see you in Sudbury again.” 

Paul Sauriol

"A big thanks for such a great night in Sudbury, my sister and I loved your performance so much that I had to run up to you and give you a kiss on the cheek right after your encores. ...  I am looking forward to seeing another concert in the future...wishing all of you the best."

Dianne Bouffard

"Thank you so much for the amazing performance in North Bay. We really enjoyed it and hope to see you back again this way soon! You guys rock"

Debbie Comerford-Lalonde  

"Hope to see you in Sudbury again soon"

Desiree Larosa 

"Amazing show in Sudbury! Loved the red suit Sammy 😄 and the music note sweater Elton Rohn!"

Valerie Risk

"Thank you for a great night. I don't get many night out being a single parent. This night I will talk about for a long time, thank you again for the great music."

Pamela Paulin

"Great show in North Bay, and for a good cause. I really enjoyed 'Rocket Man' segueyed into 'Free Falling' into 'End of a Century'. Well done!"

John Minkowskyj

"An amazing night ! Entertaining for sure , great tribute by very talented musiciens 👍thumbs up for sure !"

Yvette Paquette


Windsor Walkerville Theatre

"Fantastic Show!"

Loved it!!!

Dena Peifer

"We are ready! Sold out Elton Rohn!"

Mario Ricci

"Really wanted to go. Sold out so fast!"

Brad Revell


Brockville Performing Arts Centre

"Thank you so much for such a lively, rockin' show at the Arts Centre last night. Loved every minute!"

Christina Dean

"I attended your show tonight at the Arts Centre in Brockville,  we'll done! We had an awesome time and you out on an excellent show!

If you ever get the opportunity to see these guys perform don't pass it up! They out on an awesome show!"

Stacy Roduner


The Ranch Dinner Theatre

"Amazing show! Amazing venue too. Very talented group. We had a blast!"

Debbie Smith

"Elton Rohn at the Ranch! What an amazing show!"

Kelly MacLean

"Amazing show tonight"

Amanda Morey