Fan reaction to our shows... what they have to say...

"Possibly one of the best tribute acts ever" 

Gary McCready

“This is just about the best tribute band I have ever seen.  Amazing times in Brampton." 

Beata Hillard

Elton Rohn was amazing tonight, best act Taste of the Kingsway has had in years!” 

Gregory SG

"Saw your show in Port Hope on New Year’s Eve and once again your band was spot on. The best cover band my wife and I have ever seen. "

Robert & Cheryl Bradbury, Burlington, Ont.

"Our second Elton Rohn concert, and it was as amazing as the first. We are already looking forward to our third in August. The band were incredible."

Jenny Gryczka

"SPECTACULAR SHOW in Chicago. I had a dozen friends at the show and we all absolutely loved it. Hoping that ELTON ROHN comes back to Rosemont again next year!!!"

Ron Davis

I am blown away by the profesionalism of this band.” 

“These guys are a MUST SEE - flawless Elton music, beautifully presented” 

Robert Zalchick

"Absolutely phenomenal show last night in Hanover. I caught myself a few times just closing my eyes and trying to compare your sound to the original ... incredible. You and your band’s musicianship and attention to detail deliver an end result that made us feel like we were seeing and hearing the man himself. We will most definitely be seeing you again! Thanks very much."

Mike Lean

 "I was at Rosemont and you were amazing! It was a packed house. Thank you!"

Sandra Ramirez

"I saw your show yesterday at the Capital Theater in Port Hope. As a life long fan of Elton John, and having seen him live four times over the past thirty years, I have to say GOOD JOB. Your piano playing, vocals, the guitars, and the overall stage presence was amazing and top notch and professional and mostly, ENTERTAINING AS HECK. WOW WOW WOW. What a great night out!! The guy beside me had seen you in Peterborough and came all the way to Port Hope to see you again. I will be buying tickets whenever you play anywhere close. I am a fan from this day forward. Thanks again for a fantastic enjoyable New Year's Eve." 

Janet Griffin-Scott

"Seeing you tonight in Rosemont for the 1st time... amazing!!

Michael Keating

"We had a group from Canada in Chicago performing all Elton John songs. These guys are really, really good.... PLEASE COME BACK TO CHICAGO! WE LOVE YOU!"

Paul A. Pomeroy

"Had a great time at your show tonight, you are spreading joy in this world and creating a whole new generation of fans for Elton's music! Thank you!!!"

Elaine Steadman Lesniak

“Great show last night here in Belleville, ON! Seriously - WORLD CLASS! Everyone needs to see this!” 

Al Murack

"Elton Rohn at Taste of the Kingsway. Great Show."

Richard Bird

"You guys were amazing yesterday. We were totally blown away."

Christopher M Ponesse

"Amazing performance last night in Collingwood at the Gayety! . Thank you!"

Katleen Ruttan Daigle

"This is definitely the best tribute show out there and I know the audience would back me up. A full house with people dancing in the aisles and singing to all of Elton's greatest hits. ... The sound the lights , the energy , the total performance was amazing."

Harold Boudreau 

"I've been looking on your website to see when you will be playing in Michigan next. I'm looking very forward to seeing your group again. I still think your show at the Park Theater in Holland, Michigan in August was one of the very best . Tribute band or not, screw it, it was a damn fine show, one of the very best I have seen and I have seen many top rock acts in the last 40 years. Please don't bypass Holland/Grand Rapids in 2019."

Randy Taylor

"You were all amazing."

Deborah Blair

"Totally awesome show last night at Gayety Theatre in Collingwood. This is a show you do not want to miss."

Joyce Johnston

“I was lucky enough to catch Elton Rohn at the Capitol Theatre last night and was completely blown away! By far the best tribute act I have ever seen or heard, all live and genuine with no backing tracks. I actually came away feeling like I can scratch seeing Elton John live off my bucket list” 

Shaun Savoy

“That was the best show I have been at in a long time. Of course the fact that you played my favourite “Levon” didn’t hurt either. I will be waiting for your return. Well done Elton!“  

Karen Wakely 

"Went to see Elton Rohn & band last night in Welland.. was fantastic. Was just awesome guys.. enjoyed every minute!!!

Neil Stoetzel

An amazing night! Entertainment for sure, great tribute by very talented musicians. Thumbs up for sure!” 

Yvette Paquette

"This was an awesome show. Would see them in a heartbeat. Thanks guys for an awesome show."

Susan Cousineau

“Did you ever Rock the House!!” 

Lorraine Lagace Cotesta 

“Amazing concert!!!. The music... the harmonizing.. OUTSTANDING! 

Thank you for a great evening! 

Gisele Allain

“What an amazing show this evening. So much fun! You play with such energy. Can’t wait to see you in Sudbury again.” 

Paul Sauriol

Amazing Show, and an amazing and authentic sound” 

Steve Farr

"Amazing show last night in Barrie. Thank you!"

Liane Austin

“Wow, completely blown away by this band. These guys are better than Classic Albums Live" 

Brian Power

"What a fantastic show"

Tim Chambers

Amazing concert!! A must see!! Had everyone up, out of their seats!!

Alison Clark

"Was an amazing show. Was nice to hear some songs I have not heard in a long time. would watch your show again."

Sue Danis-Clarida 

"What a great show! You wouldn't know this wasn't the real #Eltonjohn. You rock and play all of the good songs too! Thanks  !  :) "

Sherri Duvall

"A must see for Elton fans ... or any music fan for that matter" 

Bob Corcoran, Chicago 

“You guys are SO amazing!!! Hope you’ll be back in Holland Mi very soon!!! !  

Jamie Cusack, Michigan

"You put on a fantastic show. Every member of the band is amazing. The musicianship is perfection and the chemistry between you is like an atom bomb, so charged with magic and energy. For those of us who will never see Elton John, you have taken the sting out of it. I was kidding with my friend that we could pretend you were the real EJ. We didn't need to. You took Park Theater captive from the first notes of Philadelphia Freedom and, at least for Andy and me, you still haven't let go. If I had to trim this down to one word, it would be a billboard sized WOW ! " 

Heather Fridge Sanderson, Michigan

"And Rock they did!!!!"

Lesley Meecham Taylor

“Went to a Peters Players show featuring Elton Rohn, on a 150 year old steamship. Wenona. Lake Muskoka in Gravenhurst. If you get a chance to see the band, do it. You can thank me later. Look him up on youtube. Awesome performer with an incredible band!” 

Steve Lang 

"It was an amazing performance. You Rock."

Nicole Krmpotic

“Saw you with 2 friends of mine tonight. We give the band a big 3 thumbs up. If you close your eyes, you woud swear it is Elton John.” 

Michael Borlace

"This band was awesome. Thought I was at a real live Elton John concert with front row seats" 

Margaret Findlay

It was an amazing show. I definitely need to see it again” 

Sarah Winters

"Last night we saw Rohn for the 2nd time (first at MusicFest) Again, completely blown away!!! SoTight... Polished! Each member so respectful of each other, incredible harmonies and timing. You work HARD and it shows. A genuine re-visit to the Elton Era.... YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR PLACE, IN A PATH UNWINDING... "

Kathy Lowes

“Your Song… Amazing.  Actual string quartet on stage” 

Dave Merazka 

“Excellent concert last night at the Park. You guys are tight.” 

Rick Rotttschafer

“Travelled from Cobden to catch the show. Glad we did. “Elton” and the band put on a memorable performance. What talent”  

Gary Younghusband

"Thank you so much for the amazing performance in North Bay. We really enjoyed it and hope to see you back again this way soon! You guys rock"

Debbie Comerford-Lalonde  

“Elton Rohn was absolutely incredible! Saw them at Niagara Wine Festival in St. Catharines. The music was spot on. They were totally mesmerizing” 

Stacey Anson

“Amazing Show, very talented, would watch these guys play anything, anytime!!” 

Jenny Gryczka

“I walk away feeling like I was out in an Elton John concert. Elton Rohn is awesome” 

Stephen W. Page, Michigan

“I was at one of your shows and had the time of my life and I have the pics to prove it... great show guys!!! .. would love to see another one... xxxooo” 

Cat Whittaker

“Saw the Elton Rohn band in Las Vegas. I’m a huge Elton John fan and wow, this band is really incredible. They sound just like Elton. Really awesome players. It was such a great show and I have to say they are a must see act for any Elton fan”. 

Ashley Jones, Monrovia California

After playing Canada Day with April Wine: 

"We had an awesome time Monday at Lions Park. Great Entertainment. My favourite was Elton Rohn" 

Cindy Place@CindyPlace

"Great band awesome night"

Jessica Jijon-Tansor

“Elton Rohn please come back to Brantford soon!!. You are loved here!! "

tweeted by Community Recreation, City of Brantford (@CofBCommunity)

“A month later, i’ve caught myself day dreaming about July 1st and how amazing it was. My favourite memory was Elton Rohn! What was yours?"  

tweeted by Brantford Canada Day (@CofBCanadaDay)

"Amazing performance! Your voice is so bright and colourful and your piano playing is overwhelming. Keep rockin’ boy!" 

Lupo Famelico

“Im not in the habit of commenting on fan pages, but I need to give credit where it’s due... if you have not viewed Funeral for a friend performed by Elton Rohn I recommend you do so. I was floored. It was so elecric and entertainment I couldn’t believe the collective efforts by the band, they make it work so well. Elton himself blindfolded would thinkn he was listening to his own rendition from his album (Yellow Brick Road) I’m now a fan of these talented bunch of guys and suggest you watch the video you’ll not be sorry you did I promise! Thanks for your efforts because they’re dead on in every area of the show. Nice Work!!!” 

Victoria Connor

“My wife and I were at the show Saturday night and we had a fabulous evening. Thank you all. when we lived in the UK, we saw Elton live and had to travel 5 hours in the car each way. You are by far the best Elton Tribute artist we have ever seen. Thanks for a great evening and see you again soon we hope” 

David and Irene Workman

“Your Goodbye Yellow Brick Road performance was spectacular. It was just like watching the real Elton.. we were completely blown away.. my god! We have seen the real Elton many times. We are all heavy Elton fans with very high standards when it comes to seeing tributes. You are by far the best we’ve ever seen. We’ll be back to see you again for sure” 

Jacqueline Holden-Kiss

"A big thanks for such a great night in Sudbury at the Caruso Club, my sister and I loved your performance so much that I had to run up to you and give you a kiss on the cheek right after your encores. ...  I am looking forward to seeing another concert in the future...wishing all of you the best."

Dianne Bouffard

“I recently had the honour to attend a concert by Elton Rohn. His show was amazing, very entertaining. Had me singing along with all songs. His backup band was excellent. I would recommend that if you get a chance to see him in person it will be money well spent” 

Cathy Hayes

“I had the pleasure to attend a very special show! The whole night was absolutely amazing! Definitely a night I’ll never forget! This band has touched our hearts and left us with a lift time memory” 

Jamie Barrette - Shay and Gray’s mom 

( after a charity show to support the Shaw and Gray twins)

“Fantastic performance. Saw you in Lexington, MI about a month ago and enjoyed ourselves so much we had to come see you tonight. Hope to see you again soon!” 

Gordon Knoll

“Sir Elton himself would be suitably impressed with the accuracy and musicality of their arrangements” 

Andrew Kinsler 

“At Buffalo waiting for the best note by note perfect 70’s Elton John cover band to start. Here for our anniversary”   

Steve Farr

“Wow, hubby and I caught your performance last night at Kossuth Hall in Cambridge. What a phenomenal show and an outstanding performer you are. We were thrilled from beginning to end listening to the many hits of Elton John, and you captured his essence to a tee... ...The band was absolutely amazing. We look forward to seeing you again.. thanks for a great night of wonderful memories...” 

Barbara Kennedy

“You guys totally ROCKED it!”   

Lori Deschaine

“We really enjoyed your show tonight at Deerhurst! Fantastic! Great band - super talented! Hope to see you again soon!”   

Paula Abbott

“You sang brilliant just like Elton x” 

Gillian Bradley

“Brooklyn Butler had an amazing time at the concert in Lexington Michigan. Thanks for the picture, it topped off the night for her” 

Jeff Butler, Michigan

“The show was awesome last night at te Seneca Queen Theatre” 

Kathy McFarlane

“Best show I have seen yet” 

Jeffery Jackson, Michigan

“The best freakin’ concert” 

Barbara Widener

“The best Elton John tribute band ever. This is a must see show, we had a blast!!!” 

Liz Bavelaar Albano

“Hi from Russia. You are really wonderful. I like you very much!!!” 

Nataly Ustinova, Russia

“These guys rock!!! A Must See!! 

Carolyn McConnell Swan

“Wonderful show in Grand Bend Sunday Night... Best way of rocking Canada Day that I can think of!! Looking forward to seeing your show again soon!!! 

Daniel Wolfe

“Had the privilege of seeing this concert. It was outstanding. Great show and a great cause” 

Thelma Moesker

“What a great show!!!” 

Cindy Binkley-Myke

What a party Elton John....had a blast rockin the night with Unionville crowd

Toni Ventura

“Seen Elton Rohn at the Capitol Theatre.. absolutely brilliant.. would recommend this tribute show to everyone” 

Gayle Fowler

“You were all beyond awesome!!. We had a BLAST at the show and would go see you again and again” 

Suzanne Brown

“At the show now... Freekin amazing...” 

Laurier Shank

“When I saw this I thought “Oh great , another Elton John wannabe 

... when I listened to your I thought “Oh great, another Elton John! 

You are really awesome!” 

Nick Kyparissas

"Unionville was on fire that evening, standing room only !"

Rick Edwards

“I attended your afternoon show today & if there is an adjective above amazing, fantastic or awesome that is your group. You gave this old broad a very enjoyable afternoon. Thank you ever so much” 

Sue Larocque

“It was very warming... Awesome performance!” 

Marilyn Mare Zwanepol

“Just got back from watching your fantastic show at the Unionville Bandstand tonight and just wanted to thank you so much for coming to Unionville and giving us such an amazing concert.” 

Margaret Silver Blaney

“Elton should hear this!” 

Kathleen A. Marasco Obermeyer

“Totally Awesome” 

Jane S. Hynes

“Had a great time at the show. Most fun we’ve had in as long as we can remember... please come to the Arcadia Theatre in St. Charles Il.” 

John and Lisa Weiss, Chicago

“Can’t wait for your guys to come back to  Buffalo 

Kelly A. Calmes , Buffalo

“Incredible show!” 

Jenny Grycka

“WOW, WOW , WOW!!! 7 amazing musicians and singers, not just a onen man band, such a great show” 

Lillian John

“It was a great show!” 

Cheree Vasilauskas

“Definitely only second to the real Elton John” 

Heather Fridge Sanderson

“First time at Greg Frewin and first time seeing your show. It was fabulous., so much fun, what a great job you do and your band - so good. Thanks for a wonderful evening” 

Ruth Rezel Sutton

"Enjoyed your show on the shores of Lake Huron in Lexington, MI !!!!"

Ginny McNabb

"We LOVE Elton Rohn"

Adrian Grossman

"Thank you Elton Rohn for a fantastic night at the Park Theatre in Holland MI"

Barbara Widener

"Loving the super concert"

Dennis Musial

"We love you guys! What a great show!"

Jean Glücklich-Tito

"Great music! Great Night !"

Heather Haskin

"Awesome show!"

Craig Zoerner

"Went to the Elton Rohn concert in Ontario last Birthday present since I turned 20. Had a wonderful time, it was full of energy and fun and I just have to say it...Elton Rohn sounds and acts more like Elton John then Elton John does. Yes that is a major compliment to Elton Rohn, you are a terrific performer and artist along with your band, they can really play!!!

Celeste Kirk

"Amazing show !!! I can’t wait to see you again !!!"

Maria Cecilia Nunez-Rivas

“Had an amazing time last night at the Greg Frewin Theatre. You are amazing!! 

Alyssa and Ryan (Delray Beach Fl)

"Come back to Niagara Falls please!"

Sandy Wood

" It was AWESOME! Can't thank him enough for coming. Seeing Elton John was on my bucket"

Lillian Petit 

 "You were fantastic in Peterborough last year at musicfest..was my first time there and we All loved the show..the music really took us back in time..come back soon!"

Terry Anne Tweedle

"Amazing time last night in Collingwood. Throat is sore from singing along. Great band"

Patricia Green

"Crocodile Rocking on a Saturday night with Elton Rohn. So much fun & the people watching was awesome!"


"What a beautiful evening to sit under the stars, enjoy good company and a fantastic show! Thanks Elton Rohn for a great time!"

Mary Vaanderaa

"That was one hell of a show tonight Elton Rohn rocked the frickin house"

Alex Mungal


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