Our Story

An incredible journey...


Elton Rohn band has a tremendous following. We've been fortunate to have played some incredible venues. 

We've headlined over 250 shows in Canada and the USA, met some incredible people in so many amazing places.  


The Photographers

 We have so many photographers who come to our shows and ask to shoot the band. We allow anyone to shoot the band with the stipulation that we are able to use the photographs for promotion and we ask all venues and shows to credit the photographers. 

Thanks to all these amazing photographers:

Photos by John Rowlands , Ivan Sorensen, Ted Van Boort, Elaine Wren, Howie Kumagai, Rod Tulino, Bob Corcoran, Robert Hyland, Heather Fridge Sanderson, Andrew Kinsler, David J Gries, Jonathan Fegal, Brian Thompson, Brian Hughes, Belinda J Clements Photography, Chad Hawkings, Scott McWhinnie, Les Hoffman, Kreative Edge,Victor Rivera, Cory Bateman, Sean Murphy, Wilf McQuinn, Jim Ziegler, Mary MacDonald, Danielle Dupont, Joan Julian, Stan Schurman,Bob Corcoran, Nick Delavinias Photography, Karen Steel Rawlings, Kris Gelder, Joel Naphin, Harold Boudreau, Ron Fisher, Angelica Marcelino Daniels, Sharonn Joly, Jennifer Boudrealt, Susan MacDonald, RDC Music Inc

Our show experience


Our special Orchestra shows

We can play as a five, six, seven or eleven piece band. On top of that we can do orchestra shows. Our Musical director is Len Solomon, a Juno award winning highly sought after musician. To hear the band with orchestra accompaniment is really special. 

Video projections and art

Where available, we have created a visual treat. We play all the music 100% live, and in some theatres we are able to bring our video projection show as well. So many people have contributed to this element of our show. Actual Elton John photography is included on a few songs courtesy of world renowned John Rowlands.  On top of this we have some backdrop images that showcase all the photographers we've worked with. On top of that there is original artwork.. some is courtesy of our fans. Coming all the way from Spain, Juan Manuel Escrihuela Ruiz has created his own original artwork that we've included in the show. You'll see his work on Candle in the Wind and Empty Garden. And Phil Davis from Wisconsin in the USA has contributed his work to Rocket Man. There are some additional images that have been created for other songs by our fans. If you are a talented artist and would like to contribute to the show please contact us. We feel we are all celebrating the music together. 

Combining the look,  the feel and the sound of a real Elton John show. The show features full harmonies and all musicians playing and singing 100% live (no backing tracks). This is a world class show.  The energy is high, the music is familiar and the audience is engaged. The band has headlined over 250 shows. Elton John has the widest possible demographic and the band has played to tens of thousands of Elton John fans, many who sing along to the fabulous catalogue of music. The show is perfectly suited for festivals and theatres. Make sure you check out the testimonial section.