Creative Partners


It takes so many people to put on our show. We'd like to thank and promote the photographers and original artists who contribute images. Our HD video backdrop shows wouldn't exist without their work.  Please do visit their sites by clicking on their banners below. They are all fabulous artists in their own right and we owe them a debt of gratitude. All images used in our shows are used by permission from these wonderful people and other photographers and artists. We want to include them here. 

John Rowlands


Ivan Sorensen


Juan Manuel Escrihuela Ruiz


Christelle Bilodeau


Phil's Visions


Thanks to the creative people who provide their original works... and again, big thanks to all the amazing photographers who contribute:

Photos by John Rowlands , Ivan Sorensen, Elaine Wren, Howie Kumagai, Rod Tulino, Bob Corcoran, Robert Hyland, Heather Fridge Sanderson, Andrew Kinsler, David J Gries, Jonathan Fegal, Brian Thompson, Brian Hughes, Belinda J Clements Photography, Chad Hawkings, Scott McWhinnie, Les Hoffman, Kreative Edge,Victor Rivera, Cory Bateman, Sean Murphy, Wilf McQuinn, Jim Ziegler, Mary MacDonald, Danielle Dupont, Joan Julian, Stan Schurman,Bob Corcoran, Nick Delavinias Photography, Karen Steel Rawlings, Kris Gelder, Joel Naphin, Harold Boudreau, Ron Fisher, Angelica Marcelino Daniels, Sharonn Joly, Jennifer Boudrealt, Susan MacDonald, RDC Music Inc