What the Industry is saying...

"Watching Elton Rohn and his excellent band on stage pounding out so many classic cuts and rare gems from those essential 70's albums is a sheer delight, the stunning musicianship and the array of Elton mannerisms put this remarkable tribute act way up there in the big league" 

Paul Russell, Musicologist

Contributing writer to Q107 Legends of Rock 

"I never thought I would find myself enjoying a tribute band … until I caught a set by Elton Rohn" 

David Farrell, The Record

Award Winning Canadian Music Journalist 

"I film hundreds of bands. This is without question, simply the best tribute act I have come across" 

Scott McWhinnie


"Elton Rohn is the best tribute I have ever seen in the industry! 

When someone can bring that sacredness of sound and tone, as if it were the person they are paying tribute to, you have found the essence and spirit that was born separate from the composition. 

Elton Rohn is the essence of Elton John."

Debra De Stefano 

Entertainment Public Relations and Author, Chicago

"Elton John Tribute a stunning show…”  

The Muskoka Weekender 

"The Best Elton John Tribute in North America. Visually and Vocally perfect! A must see! " 

Allan Wright 

VME Productions , Ottawa 

"Holy cow...we knew he was gonna be good, but during sound check Elton Rohn and his band kinda blew our minds..."

The Park Theatre, Holland, Michigan

“Elton Rohn is B L O W I N G us away!!! Wow!  Full House" 

Jonathan Fegal, 

The Park Theatre, Holland, Michigan

"Elton Rohn in a word -- WOW!"

Holland Park Theatre

"Elton Rohn is absolutely the best Elton John tribute in North America. "With the audience standing and cheering after almost every song, he has the look, the voice and the piano chops to make you believe you are seeing the real Elton John ! "

Bemus Bay Pops Festival

“Elton Rohn is the best tribute on the planet. Period” 

Ruth Ann Scanzillo principal cello,  

Bemus Bay Pops Orchestra 

Erie Chamber Orchestra, Erie P.A. 

"Elton Rohn may be the best tribute in the world! 

Evoking every emotion that Sir Elton does, this group of uber-talented pros will rock your world! The sights and sounds are truly spectacular!"  

b!||yzee - torontorox!

"I have been booking bands for over 20 years and the Elton Rohn tribute band is very talented, highly professional, so easy to work with and the show is awesome. They are a great crowd pleaser and our audience went home wanting more" 

Toni George

McMorran Place Theatre, Port Huron, Michigan

“That was Elton Rohn raising the BT Toronto roof this morning” 

Breakfast Television, Toronto 

"We were amazed, and came away feeling like we just experienced a 1970’s Elton John concert! The seven-piece ELTON ROHN band played every note live and sang in full four-part harmony.This amazing band faithfully re-created the grand scope of an Elton John live show."

Biz X Magazine, Windsor

“Yes, this is a tribute band, but so right on the money you forget you're not watching the real thing... It is difficult to categorize what they do as a "tribute". It's more like a time machine that opens a window on this music when it was new and fresh, and Elton was a man on a mission... Within minutes of the first song, you'll forget you are watching a tribute"  

Bob Segarini 

"Fabulous… the most authentic live Elton show in the world.. Bravo!" 

Rick Rock, Simply Queen

"Go see the Elton Rohn band. Sometimes "Rohn" (a very witty take on the lead singer, Ron Camilleri's real name) is sometimes precisely spot on as Elton and other times he's not. But it's only because they have taken the art of tribute way beyond mimicry. Rohn's band and singing are just plainly one of the most rocking performing groups I have ever heard in my life. They play like the world's gonna end tomorrow. Tribute or not, the music is showcased here in a style and aesthetic reminiscent of the legend himself (and I've seen the real thing in concert) and is one of the most spectacular and fun shows you'll ever see” 

Donald Quan

''Elton Rohn is the next best thing to taking a time machine back to the heyday of the Captain Fantastic creative fire. Spot on high energy performances of the legendary songs that made Elton John a music icon. The look, the sound, the attitude and the unbelievable piano playing…Elton Rohn delivers!'' 

Patrick Charron

Rialto Theatre, Montreal

"Elton Rohn is absolutely the best Elton John tribute in North America. My audience was standing and cheering after almost every song. He has the look, the voice and the piano chops to make you believe you are seeing the real Elton John." 

Keith Burton 

Showplace Productions

“Elton Rohn  last night at the Park Theatre in Holland, it seems there’s a lot of pent up EJ fans out there because this tribute band from Toronto brought out a crowd!"


“Absolutely Spectacular!!! 

Elton and his group of fabulous musicians had one of our largest audiences ever on their feet and singing to the over 40 years of Elton's greatest hits.” 

Bill Dawson,  

Unionville Bandstand Concert Series 

“What an amazing show Elton Rohn. Capital centre was packed!!. Thank you for your support of One Kids Place" 


“The Elton Rohn Tribute Band was “Brilliant.  Energetic, entertaining and crowd-pleasing or the 1000 attendees of Trillium Health Partners Foundation LOL Gala, themed British Invasion. Definitely recommend them!” 

Felicity Guest

Mississauga Trillium Gala Community Chair , LOL 2017

"Without a doubt, Elton Rohn is the Best Tribute Experience in Canada!” Elton Rohn (Ron Camilleri has put together a truly outstanding musical event. Every member of the band is of the highest musical caliber and it comes across in every single performance. Every note is played live with no tracks and it really pays proper respect to the music of Elton John. As a marketing firm that helps raise funds for many charitable groups - having a high calibre show like this involved really helps to guarantee success across the board. Since first seeing the show, after many recommendations, we have booked Elton Rohn into every single Ontario marketplace we operate in, which has totalled over 15 amazing concert events thus far with more to come!”

Matt McGinty - Connect Marketing Group

"What a fantastic show!"

Midland Cultural Center

"Go see him - he's amazing!

Deerhurst Resort 

“I was blown away. I was so impressed with the entire show... the look, feel, song selection and most important the sound. I swear I thought I was watching Elton. Great Job! (I very rarely use exclamation marks by the way, thats how good they are.)” 

Ryan Parker

Q107 Derringer in the morning

“No one tributes Sir Elton better.

... Why do I love shooting musicians? Here's why. The power house rhythm section of the Elton Rohn band gettin the groove on at Deerhurst. When highly talented musicians are caught in the act of enjoying what they do, all I have to do is press the shutter button. They make the picture, not me” 

Ivan Sorensen


"I actually felt as though I were at an EJ concert back when EJ was in his prime. And his band is outstanding, too – these guys are serious musicians. I will make a point of seeing them whenever they are in town. These guys know how to put on a FANTASTIC show!!! "

Sandy Hatzis 

Founder, “365 Things to do in Halton Region”

"Ron Camilleri's ability to transform into Elton John was uncanny..."

Snapd Midland


The Kingsway BIA

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